Average-Looking Vegan


Hi, I’m a blogging n00b so plz excuse the awkwardness. I created ALV as my personal blog because I need an outlet to rant and rave, mostly.

I chose the title because at times the vegan and animal rights communities can be as shallow as any other. Prominent figures within the social justice movement stress the importance of appearance to the extent that implies anyone less than the ideal has only a place in the background. Body shaming is not an infrequent theme. Exploitation and sexualization of women’s bodies is commonly assumed to be a necessary evil, or sometimes just necessary, because “sex sells.” How will we ever relay our message of compassion without lettuce bikinis? I want to be a part of a movement that rises above this. I hope to address these issues along with my everyday venting.

I want to clarify that these are my opinions. I don’t speak on behalf of veganism at large. Neither does some asshole on Reddit, FYI.

About Me: Sociology major, Nonprofit Studies minor (as if my major didn’t declare my lack of interest in money), Atheist, newly identified feminist, rescue mom to a doxiepin named Sora, ruthless Pandemic player, lover of commas.

Additional note: For my purposes, “average-looking” is another way of saying plain. It is not meant to suggest I am the average vegan.


One thought on “Average-Looking Vegan

  1. newrddb says:

    Kudos to you. AND… for my money, there is nothing average about anyone courageous enough to take the stand you are taking publicly. (And for the record… not ‘average” at all; I suspect it’s more likely how you were ‘trained’ to look in the mirror. Glad you are out there.

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